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Munich Fabric Start – Blue Zone 2021

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The Munich Fabric Start is an international fabric trade fair, which takes place right on time for the start of the season semi-annually in Munich, in the MOC event center and the Zenith hall. The fair has its origins in the representative exhibition “Stoff München”. The portfolio ranges from women’s-, mens- and childrenswear to denim-, street- and sportswear. By now, the exhibition includes eight different areas, which makes the division into two exhibition venues necessary: Collections – fabric collections from basic to haute couture, Additionals – accessories and trimmings for the fashion industry, Bluezone – denim, street and sportswear, Showrooms – full packaging solutions, Asia Salon – Asian suppliers, Design Studios – fashion prints and patterns, Organic Selection – sustainable fabrics and accessories. This fair is a compressed exhibition by leading exhibitors from around the world. Here colors, patterns, prints, materials, and accessories of the coming season will be shown. From ultra-light materials to high-tech coatings and ready-to-wear fabrics and collections an extensive product range of fashionable textiles as well as the complete range of suppliers for ribbons, buttons, and labels are presented. The fair is accompanied by an extensive program of lectures, panel discussions as well as fashion shows, and presentations. Honored interested parties, due to the effects of the coronavirus, the fair has been postponed to this new date.

The Munich Fabric Start had taken place on 3 days from Tuesday, 31. August to Thursday, 02. September 2021 in Munich.

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