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” We believe what happens tomorrow is determined by what we do today”



Our goal is to provide our customers with high quality at the best price and best time. However, our main concern is to preserve the environment and respect human rights. To this end, we strictly follow developments in technology, working methods and legislation relating to environmental and social responsibility.
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Sustainability is part of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility), which encourages companies to adopt an economic model that is both ethical and respectful of the environment, reflected in our compliance with social and environmental requirements of the initiatives to which our customers are members as BSCI, ICS, SEDEX and FWF.

Environmental performance

We are committed to reducing our energy, water and chemical consumption. We monitor the quality of emissions and releases from our production process.

Training and awareness

Learning programs are planned each year in order to improve the knowledge of our employees and explain to them their rights and duty towards the company and its customers.

Communication mechanism

We also provide our employees with several communication channels such as suggestion boxes, collective bargaining and unions.

Improving well-being

We provide our employees with decent wages, a work schedule that meets the requirements of the current legislation.

Sustainable materials

We offer ecological and labeled products and our material suppliers are OEKO-TEX, BCI, OCS, GOTS, RCS, GRS, BLUESIGN, ZDHC or ECO-PASSEPORT certified.

Health benefits

We offer optimal working conditions by involving workers in hazard studies.



We provide humane treatment to our employees through the organization of disciplinary measures and a commitment :
- Not to practice discrimination and forced labor,
- To respect working pregnant women,
- To respect gender equality,
- To respect "no child labor".
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We have started the recycling of our textile waste and second choice pieces. We will implement a new project to reduce our carbon footprint.



We sort our waste and develop less hazardous processes by replacing dangerous and unsafe chemicals with environmentally friendly products.
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Our Response to COVID-19
The events surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic continue to evolve rapidly. Caterpillar’s dedication and service to the safety, health and well-being of our team and the communities they serve remain strong.

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